Hello! I’m James, Head of Brand Design at Google

Thinking ➜ Rogue School.
Making ➜ Bland Land.

My work gets hyphenated with:
BrandCampaignDigitalAwardsArtMusicWritingMentoring TalkingPressAdvisor
At Pinterest I’ve helped build the brand that gives the platform credibility and consistency and lead the team building tools to help key audiences understand and adore us.

Those audiences include people that use Pinterest, people that create content & businesses that advertise.
2004 —2006
Since graduating I've seen the role (& responsibilities) of the creative community evolve.

I got busy helping my dear friends at Print Club in the first version of their shop (and my first attempt at publicity).
An almighty financial crises made me thankful for vocational skills to navigate tricky times.

My biggest skill: make with whatever you have & I had little! 

I stretched that little & set up a creative studio that got mini famous, an illustration agency and a type-foundry.
For a mad minute I dabbled with electronica toys. Its been called discordant, noise and ‘interesting’.

It doesn’t go down well at weddings, it has never been played at a funeral.

Listen here.
We moved from London to  San Francisco!
I had a longing to meet more designery friends. So I set-up  First Things Club which now boasts design leaders from around the world who meet every 3 months & share how to-do good with good design.
Rewind years and I was asked to write a book, fast forward years and I had a run-in with mortality.

I asked myself — why hadn't I written that book?

So I did.
Standing on shoulders of giants as the Head of Brand Design @ Google
Me at work
Years ago I was asked to write a book.

Recently I asked myself why I hadn't written that book.

So I did.

Rogue School.