Founder & creative director at Punk Works
Future CardsFuture Works
Previously, Head of Brand Design at Google,
Global Creative Director at Pinterest & Principal at DesignStudio.
An experimental Small Language Model (SML) I'm playing with to understand the (much) bigger ones.
At Pinterest I’ve helped build the brand that gives the platform credibility and consistency and lead the team building tools to help key audiences understand and adore us.

Those audiences include people that use Pinterest, people that create content & businesses that advertise.
2004 — 2008
Graphic Designer @ Cog Design.
Helping friends in their first shop (and my first attempt at publicity).

Print Club
2008 — 2009
Senior Designer @ Emak Mafu
The financial crises made me grateful for vocational skills & humbled to get noticed.

read all about it
2009 — 2012
Founder @ Cure Studio
Co-Founder @ HiggonsonHurst
Founder @ The Type Foundry
We built HigginsonHurst, an illustration agency representing Chrissie Abbot / Daisy Fletcher / Damien Frost / Esra Røise / Han Lee / Mike Ballard / 
Paul Bommer
We had fun putting on exhibitions & helping build culture.
And we launched The Type Foundry, which represented (and designed) a whole number of display typefaces that we used in our designs.
2012 — 2014
Head of Digital @ Figtree
Digital Director @ Prophet
Design Director @ Wednesday
Released two EPs described as discordant, noise and ‘interesting’.

Not for weddings & have not (I hope) been played at a funeral.

Listen here.
2014 — 2019
CD → ECD → Principal @ DesignStudio
Moved from London to  San Francisco!
Design folk meet every 3 months to help each other do good with good design.

First Things Club
2019 — 2022
Global Creative Director, Pinterest
I was asked to write a book, fast forward years (and a run-in with mortality) & I asked myself — why hadn't I written that book?

So I did.

Rogue School
2020 — Present
I've been lucky to have joined some inspiring organizations as a brand advisor.  

Hoo Koo E Koo
I'm a strong advocate (and practitioner) of Design Thinking to give brands unfair advantages. Sometimes I flex the Design as Author muscle, so created my own playground.

Bland Land
2022 — 2023
Head of Brand Design @ Google
Creative boom were kind enough let me drone on.

Read it here
It's been a year of starting things! 

Punk Works
Future Cards

Future Works
Me at work
Years ago I was asked to write a book.

Recently I asked myself why I hadn't written that book.

So I did.

Rogue School.
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