I'm James, a creative human using design, to design change.
Currently as Global Creative Director at Pinterest.
Use design to design change.

I run a small club of optimistic humans who want to make change.

I'm on the board of a neuroplasticity start-up launching soon, and an advisor to the talented Futures team at Hoo Koo E Koo who run the Future Horizon event.
I've taken a non-linear path, playing different roles in different types of teams.

I've started boutique things (Cure Studio, HigginsonHurst, The Type Foundry), built global things (CD ECD Principal at DesignStudio), worked at places that shape culture (Wednesday) and places that transform businesses (Prophet).
Creative = Strategy + Design

While there are benefits to being one (or the other), the most inspiring people and the best work happens (I believe) when you have people who have their feet planted in both.
Player → Coach.

It's never been more rewarding to focus on creating the culture that gives teams oxygen to do their best work. I've learn't (and continue to learn!) the many ways this goes wrong and the few ways this goes right.

Anyone leading teams through a global pandemic deserves a certificate!