DesignWeek inked up
The quality of the artist is the measure of a good screen-printing exhibition, and we have the most dedicated, persistent and thought-provoking artists working today,’ says Cure Studio’s James Hurst, who curated the exhibition and printed all the works together with Print Club London’s Fred Higginson.
Ala Champ & Cure Studio
From its beginnings in 2009, the main man behind the scenes is James Hurst. We first came across Cure Studio via The Daily Waffle, a newspaper the design company had created for the Vans Downtown Showdown held in Spitalfields, London.
Power in Numbers
With my dear friend Fred Higginson from Print Club, I curated, produced and promoted a show with 50 artists, each with an edition of 50 prints. Throughout the show we were lucky to have friends who helped make something really special, including our friends at Ambiguous Records who helped us put on a very special evening with live music.
Bluetack Collective
Bluetack ensure there is affordable space for artists to use. It's inspiring having worked with them for so long, to see how they've navigated the many ways they can meaningfully support the creative community in East London.